History of our school dates back to September 1st 1993, when Private Grammar School Tábor was opened as the first and the only private secondary school in the district of Tábor. The founders of the school were Mgr. Věra Komzáková and Mgr. Markéta Švadlenová. The school offers both four-years´and more years´study programmes, completed after 4, 6 or 8 years by final exams by pupils aged 19.Later we have opened our primary school with 79 pupils. The number of staff is 30 teachers and about 266 students at grammar school and 79 pupils at primary school. The students have to study two languages and besides English and German they can also attend lessons of Spanish, French, Russian and Latin.They also concentrate on laboratory work.They can work as editors of the school magazine or be members of a photographic club, they can take part in theatre performances, art, sports and music activities or in annual work in various foreign projects the realisation of which – together with the classic foreign exchanges forms a considerable part of the school life. In this school year two specialized classrooms have been built at our school – a laboratory for science classes and a language classroom, both with multimedial connections, which we want to offer for the usage in projects not only to our students but also for partner activities and for the connection of the work of all groups in the distance. 95% of our students repeteadly pass the university entrance exams. We are sure that we are passing the right way, that private schools have its fixed place in the Czech educational system and we´ve always been trying to improve our work.